Pumpkin Bread, heck yeah!

Today Mr Tristan and I made pumpkin bread.  We picked this recipe at random and then doctored it up.  We used lard instead of shortening to protect our families against partially hydrogenated oils (ugghh). Plus lard, believe it or not, has some positive health benefits such as a high vitamin D content.  Also we omitted the nuts and replaced them with…chocolate chips!! I didn’t even know you could do that. When Tristan suggested it I was like YES obviously pumpkin bread needs some chocolate chips to make it even more delicious! Also we used fresh pumpkin, baked in the oven, then pureed with fresh raw ginger.  The ginger was subtle  but added some extra spice. This is our first attempt at locating and perfecting the chosen pumpkin bread recipe. For those of you who don’t know me personally, I am on a serious quest to collect an arsenal of recipes to represent important baked goods categories before Oly gets to a certain expectant age, such as sugar cookies, banana bread and the like. Which reminds me, I have recently filled the chocolate chip cookie spot. I will share the winning recipe soon when I make them again and photo document the process. Anyways regarding the pumpkin bread: it has a wonderfully moist texture, but the flavor is not what I’m going for. Don’t get me wrong it was awesome, the pumpkin, chocolate and ginger works well together. But I’m looking for a dark spicy heavy pumpkin bread that you can literally wring oily pumpkin sauce out of when squeezed.  This was  lighter in flavor and color.


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