Ode to Metro

Will and Oly party at the aquarium

Will and Oly party at the aquarium

The bus has been many things to me over the years. From a young girl for whom the school bus meant an eight mile trek, mostly up hill. This would have been fine but I was ALWAYS late causing me to have to run the entire way. As a teenager the city bus offered a kind of freedom, though I only ever made it as far as the mall. Recently I started riding the bus to work to save money on gas and to avoid the inevitable tickets that accompany downtown parking. Plus bus fare is less than four bucks round trip versus the $18.75 you would pay for street parking. That alone would be worth the sacrifice of riding the bus; leaving my house a lot earlier and having a slightly longer ride home. The truth is, I just keep thinking how NICE this is. Sure I still run around like a crazy person to get ready in the morning, but once I am on that bus I just…Relax! Usually I have a book and a warm mug of coffee, and if not I just get to spend twenty minutes alone with my thoughts, a rare event in the life of the mom working or not. And I’m always on time! Planning my trip is easy. Metro transit has a fantastic website that plans your trip. All you do is enter your address and when you want to leave or arrive and it’ll find the best route and time. If your address isn’t recognized, try the nearest cross streets.

Also kids love the bus. Maybe not for everyday and probably not for going to school, but riding the city bus for a kid is a total adventure. Especially for boys, I mean, you know its just a big TRUCK right? So next time you’re heading to the zoo or to a game, try the trip planner

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