Money, Money, Money For Me!

I’ve just discovered another awesome reason to join Verity Credit Union regardless of the outcome of this job searchIMG_0531-1. I have been at my current credit union for a few years now.  I just love the credit union mindset in general. Its so nice to feel like your bank is working for you rather than against you. My credit union is somewhere in the middle as far as interest rates go. Basically, Verity Credit Union is blowing them out of the water with their Cartwheel Checking at 3.05%. So there’s one great reason. Though what I am talking about is This is a free financial planning site that ties your accounts together and gives you countless applications to make your money work for you. It sounds like they can really streamline your financial life by making all your budgeting tools and bill paying in the same place. It simply links up any and all accounts you want it to. I learned about this site through the interweb newsletter to let mom’s know about kid friendly activities around Seattle. I am fairly inexperienced with money but I have proven in recent years to be an excellent saver and a decent budgeter, and I know that just saving your pennies isn’t enough. You have to manage the money you do have and store it in banks that will give you tools to help you grow. Well my credit union does not sync up to this site and Verity does. I am super excited to try it out and see what it can do for me. Of course I have to wait until the purchase of our new house is complete in a few weeks because I am not about to give the bank any reason for delays. As soon as we’re clear of that hurdle Verity, I’m coming to you!


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