Lowering expectations: fast fingernail polish, surface cleaning, and other tricks for a higher yield of fun.

When I made my application videoIMG_0606 we shot a series of photos while I painted my nails.  I then turned the photos into a high speed sequence.  Of course I came up with this scene as a joke because what mom sits down to paint her nails before going to the store, right? Usually painting my nails includes two coats, and once upon a time I would apply a top coat but in the video I only did one for visual purposes. For a few days I had lovely painted nails and after the first few minutes, I forgot completely that they were unfinished. Well, Yesterday I was in desperate need of a pick me up. After working so hard this weekend at my job, finishing up my Verity Mom Application, and fighting a cold, I was beat. But momma doesn’t stop, so I looked for a way to get out of my funk. When it became past time to get groceries, I rallied by dressing up Oly and I. While I found us cute outfits and jewelry IT came to me. I quickly cleaned off my old polish and applied one coat of a new shade. You could totally see through it.  I knew it would only last a few days, but I felt fancy! I sashayed out to my car, cracking up the baby with my bouncing, full of new energy and insight. In the car I reflected that sometimes lowering your standards can bring unexpected results. Often it implies something negative, why bother doing something if you don’t intend to do it right? This is what kept me up ALL NIGHT before Oly’s first birthday, when unforeseen events prevented me from finishing my dozens of cupcakes on time. (However in that case I have to say it was worth it. We all need cupcakes.)

Recently I’ve found this revelation also applies to housecleaning. Before I had Oly my approach to housecleaning was to wait until the house is filthy, then clean it really well in one day. I was never very successful with cleaning as you go. In the infant stage my house was very clean, because she slept so much. As soon as those eyes closed I vacuumed and scrubbed. Enter, my toddler, who was evidently hiding inside my infant waiting to spring out as from a birthday cake. When she arrived in my life my clean house left. I didn’t understand. In the past it took weeks to dirty a house. Now mere hours could turn a pristine living room into a wasteland. Also consider we live in a 700 foot house with one bedroom. By we I mean two adults, (one 6+ feet tall) one baby, two dogs, and all of the spiders and moths in Seattle. That is until we move next month ( pause here for more jumping up and down). The point is I had to completely relearn how to clean a house. I spent a lot of time wondering how my mom kept our house so clean growing up. So back to doing things right, I’ve always thought if you don’t have time to clean all the way, wait until you do.  Now if I apply that principal, we would all end up in the hospital from tripping over everything. One great thing about a tiny house is you can clean the whole thing really fast if you don’t think too much.


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