Fun and Good Service to the Environment.

A wonderful thing happened today. I was brainstorming ideas that I would like share to with the Verity Moms of Seattle when I remembered one of my favorite books. “The Green Parent”, published by a local eco conscious company called Kedzie Press, is a veritable encyclopedia of ideas and tricks to green living. It’s information is straightforward and well organized, making it a very efficient handbook. Though maybe the best part is that this book teaches you ways to get your kids involved in green living.  Included in “The Green Parent” are interviews with various parents and community members who share how they are trying to live green on a budget. Also the author candidly reveals where to save money and where to spend it for greater impact and long term savings. Many of the ideas are commonplace like turning lights off and tips for recycling, but I also learned a lot of new concepts, like using white vinegar to kill weeds and as fabric softener.  In fact I like to use white vinegar to clean my whole house. I get a huge jug of vinegar and mix it with water to clean the floors the walls the sinks and cabinets. My gallon jug lasts forever. I reserve a very serious bottle of anti-mildew cleaner for the corners of the shower and bathroom ceiling but everything else gets vinegared. I love that my house smells clean in an old fashioned way. I think a vigorously cleaned house with a mild cleanser can even yield a healthier immune system. If we aren’t exposed to the harmless bacterias every day then our bodies are not ready to fight off the big germs that carry colds and flu. (Of course this only applies to normal healthy immune systems) I would love to hear what my readers think on this topic. A lot of the new natural cleaners smell so wonderful and have excellent cleaning power but they tend to be very pricey. “The Green Parent” teaches you to make your own detergents and cleaners. The author is honest and tells you when to buy commercial products such as phosphate free laundry detergent. She says they are much more efficient than we can mix up at home. Anyways, the exciting news is that “The Green Parent” has a totally awesome website. They’ve expanded from the ideas in the book and now have an entire online world of fun and good service to the environment.

Oly on a plane to Chicago

Oly on a plane to Chicago


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